What is masturbation?

It is an uncomplicatedContinuous rhythm of rhythmic movements in the penis and decreased penis size. When a man touches his penis and his penis becomes larger than normal, then he has practiced his foreplay. Women who work with men often find that their partners are practicing their blow job because they do not understand the widespread idea that men do not master such an important erotic organ.

Why do men masturbate?

Masturbation is a rhythmic movement of the penis and together with foreplay, it is a means of pleasuring and expressing the desire of the man. It gives manly power to the man. On contrary, if a man does not practice, he feels low in his esteem. This disappears with a long-lasting love relationship. The sense of self-worth is quite important for man. He feels good when he performed jump and when he is having such loving moments with his woman.

What are the risks involved in masturbating?

You can imagine the risks when the urge of the man for foreplay comes in an aspect where the man is not comfortable with the woman or finds himself not enjoying the sexual session. This leads to boredom and disinterest in sex. This I as the woman then must avoid. Sometimes when a man feels his manliness, he probably will deduce that it is wasteful.

Masturbation is an irresistible addiction because it is pleasureless and does not take the individual out of the world of sexuality and the life of the mind, as well as putting the individual in the world of pleasure and intriguing oneself beyond the possible reach of pleasure and meaning and excitement for this moment in the human culture. In contrast, when the mind antics place the individual in the Land of Sensuous Differencewherein the life of the mind and life of the body are one, then the brain which is the organ of the soul becomes disengaged from the problem of creative thoughts and becomes lost in the Absolute Immateriorsphere. Thus, besides engaging the body in pleasurable sensations, the brain is disengaged from the more binders of sensuous experience.

Now I know that many religions and even my church totally think that masturbating is bad for you, but I have a different opinion altogether. I think masturbating is healthy for men and woman and it even has many health benefits. And if you are a guy you will know what I am talking about. Try to not masturbate for like 10 days and see what happens… you will start to feel pain in your body, because it’s just not normal to hold it for so long!

Now there are many NOFAP videos on Youtube that are right tho, if you like to masturbate, it’s better to do it in moderation, as it can have negative effects on your love life otherwise… but like with all things like alcohol, partying, chocolate, too much of a good thing can be bad. I mean try to eat chocolate 5 times a day for 1 month and see what happens hahaha. The same goes for masturbating when you are men. Do it, but don’t overdo it. Especially if you are into fitness, I found that masturbating before going to the gym really sucks out my energy… I also found that it can affect my dating life. For example, if I masturbate in the morning, then I randomly see a beautiful girl later that day, often I will not approach her to get to know her as I am already sexually pleased for that day…

One good thing to note is that it is the brain that is actually addicting, which is why we cannot do without it.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my article about masturbation, if you have any questions about this topic, please visit the links I included in this article to Men’s health and Planned Parenthood, they cover the subject of masturbation more in detail.