In a nutshell, meditating sounds easy doesn’t it? But it can be a challenge to quiet your mind and stick to a daily meditation routine.

The first step is to establish your commitment to the practice. I recommend making a commitment because it will force you to take notice. When you are first committed to doing something- you will often find it difficult to stop and take notice.

To establish a simple daily routine of meditating. Take 20 to 30 minutes from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Create a habit and the time will work for you. For me this is: from the time I wake until 10:30am, I meditate at least 3 times a day. Right now I meditate at 10:30am after my breakfast.

The point of meditation is to quiet your mind and relax. Many people find it difficult to relax and let go. Relaxing and quieting the mind is a difficult task in an age with a multitude of choices on the computer and on the phone. For this reason, you will need an ultimate relaxant. I prefer short hash chin. This is a great Chinese medicine that is known for its efficacy in quieting the mind.

So, what is so great about short hash chin meditation?

· It is a plant which is easy to carry around with you and it burns so that you get ready to meditate· It is an herbal medicine which cures and helps the body to recover from a stressful event· States and helps with anxiety and depression· It brings the mind to a quiet state and helps to think clearer· It strengthens the immune system and acts as a blood purifier

You will notice that I kept referring to meditations and focus. Meditation is what you should do, in all respects. You need to be mentally relaxed and calm. To start with just fifteen minutes a day you can start with a minimum of fifteen minutes, which may be too soon. In the beginning just fifteen minutes is more than enough.

Set aside some time to be alone and you can either sit in a chair and hold a crystal or wear it as a necklace. Also, it should be weight free.

The day you begin to meditate you will find that your intuition will be better and you in turn will be able to tell when something is wrong. This is because your energy will be more open and it won’t be so easy to feel wrong.

Choose what you want to meditate on. One of my favorites is “The Garden of Life”. This is a wonderful meditation to tone and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Choose a quiet time and think of something that you would prefer to meditate on. Try not to be distracted by callers or children. You can even choose a time when you would like to be alone for a few minutes.

When you are meditating you do not want to force anything. Meditation is free-flowing. Allow yourself to be in the flow.

Relaxation is very important while you are meditating. So take time to let any emotions flow out of your heart and try to accept them and breathe. detach yourself from them and let them go. If you find it hard to do this just say a short prayer to yourself and ask for help.

Meditation is quieting the mind and giving you time to relax and feel your essence. This is a personal choice. Many people prefer to meditate alone but I personally find it very helpful to share the experience with someone. If you are having trouble getting started with meditation by yourself, I recommend visiting a meditation center in your city, like this one in Adelaide for example.

Whichever form your meditation takes its purpose: meditation, prayer, chakra charging, visualization, affirmations, or Behind Theuming (prayer beads) it is each way the essence of your soul is wanting to be known.