Dogs are great companions for all Adelaide residents, loving and caring and they are always happy to see you. Destructive chewing is one of the most common things that happen to your favorite furniture. Here are several things you can do to protect your furniture.

How to protect furniture from dogs in Adelaide

Keep your dog in a room that has hard, smooth floors.

If your dog chews soft flooring can be dangerous to your dog. Make sure that the floor is smooth and will not be tempted to give to chewing.

Exercise your dog regularly.

A dog that is exercised and is not suffering from boredom or separation anxiety will be a good companion. All dogs need to exercise, but when they are puppies the best time to start is when they are least active.

Stop your dog from inappropriate chewing by familiarizing her with unacceptable chewing toys.

This is generally easiest from the expense of a pet toy specifically designed for destructive chewing. Place the toys at easy reach of where your dog can get them.

Give the firm “no” and take things away (i.e. plastic bags, etc. from underneath table legs).

If you don’t catch your dog in the act she will not realize what she’s done wrong because dogs have no memory of what they did while they are not around.

Give your dog tasty alternatives at times she is not chewing (her jaws are made for chewing on certain objects, not your favorite furniture).

One of the best-proven methods is to replace your current chewing object with a chew toy. Any time she starts chewing on something inappropriate give her a different object to chew on. Soon she will be happy to chew on just the type of object you want her to.

Remember that just as your dog comes to you, she is going to start making mistakes.

When she chews something inappropriate, (whether you caught her in the act or it was a mistake on your part) tell her distinctly “no”, “bad dog” or what you dog commonly calls “no”, and then take her to her designated chewing area. When she starts chewing on the proper object praise her enthusiastically. If your dog continues to chew on improper objects, (i.e. something that doesn’t belong to her) you can use strong verbal commands such as “drop that”, “no”, “bad dog” and then ignore her for a few minutes. Eventually, she’ll get the point.

Give your dog plenty of attention.

Most destructive chewing is the result of loneliness and boredom. Destructive chewing is a lonely dog’s way to entertain herself. If your dog has lots of attention and loves being played with and petted, she’ll most likely stop chewing to relieve the boredom.

Stop your dog chewing the wrong things other than her own toys.

If you don’t want her to chew your shoes, clothing, and old tea towels, then you need to take control of the situation and prevent her behavior from the beginning.

Give her tough toys or toys that are good for her teeth to chew on instead of her own toys.

It’s too easy for a dog to give her own toys to chew on, but it’s also too easy for her to start chewing on your favorite expensive dress shoes or the brand-new leather boots you have just spent a fortune on. So, it’s a challenge to prevent her from chewing on personal belongings.

Supervise her while she’s still a puppy in your house in Adelaide

Just like children, if you train your dog, it can learn from the mistakes and bad behaviors that it makes. It can be a matter of taking her out to play in the park or training her to stay in a certain area whenever you have visitors.

You can try a product that contains bitter-tasting substances that are meant for dogs to chew on.

These can be found in pet stores and are safe for your dog to chew on.

Purchase toys in Adelaide for your dog’s chewing enjoyment.

If she has enough toys to chew on, she’ll be less likely to find your personal belongings to chew on. However, enjoy the fact that she has approved toys to chew on. If you don’t have enough toys, you may get her another one, or her very own toys. You have to draw the line between personal belongings and toys. If you still have your personal belongings, you have to put them somewhere she couldn’t get to them, like a shelf, for example.

Remove temptation.

Food-oh, tasty-away! Bowls, tables, chairs, and household items? Oh, forget it!