5 Romantic things to do in Adelaide

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Adelaide, Lifestyle

romantic things to do in Adelaide

Are you looking for romantic things to do in Adelaide?

You’ve come to the right place!

If you are like me, you probably had a busy week and now you just woke up and it’s Saturday morning and you haven’t made plans for the weekend yet…

To the rescue!

I found 5 romantic things to do in Adelaide for you and listed them in this blog post.

Let’s get started!


Go chill with your partner at one of the many wineries in Adelaide


Adelaide wineries

Did you ever visit a winery in Adelaide with your partner?

It’s one of the most romantic thing that this city has to offer.

Adelaide is renown to have some of the best wines in Australia. And most wineries offer free tours and both free and paid sampling of their different wines.

So go ahead and go for a short drive, enjoy the views of the hills and choose one reputable winery for to chill for a view hours, and taste tasty wine with a cheese and ham platter. Yum!


Go for a walk in Adelaide’s park


There is a nice park right on the outskirt of Adelaide’s CDB. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon walk  holding hands with your partner.

Walks are so underrated these days!

With all the high-tech TV and social media bombarding our lives with digital stuff… Turning off all devices and going for a walk with your partner, enjoying nature and the present moment is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and it’s free!


Have a romantic picnic in Adelaide


picnic in Adelaide

If you followed my previous suggestion to go to a park, why not bring a picnic!

A picnic is one of the most romantic thing that you can do with your partner, and it doesn’t have to be low key; there are many fancy picnic kits that you can buy at MYER or David Jones, and you can bring some wine and a food basket.

Or you can do it the easier way and grab your favourite takeaway food, sit on the grass and enjoy this beautiful moment together.

I find that Sushi works well for a picnic, as it’s easy to eat and it doesn’t get too messy.


Go to visit the many churches in Adelaide


churches in Adelaide

What! Really?

I know what you are thinking, how are churches romantic?

Well, Adelaide’s nickname is “The city of churches”, so why not explore a little bit and see the history of these cool monuments?

If you are planning to get married, you can visit different churches and see which one is the most romantic to host your ceremony.

You can also enquired about the available for each and the pricing for weddings.


Go visit an adult shop to buy sex toys!


adult shops in Adelaide

I know what you are thinking… Why is this guy suggesting to visit adults shops right after suggesting to visit churches hahaha… Well sex is part of love and romance, and is a really intimate and fun side of any romantic relationship!

The best adult shops in Adelaide are located near the CBD in the city.

There are also many sex toy shops in the suburbs but usually they stock the cheaper vibrators and nothing too nice… The shops for adults in Adelaide stock the latest, high-tech luxury sex toys and fancy lingerie as well.

Click the link above to read a blog post that has recommendations on which adult shop in Adelaide is the best for you.


To conclude


To conclude, Adelaide is a picturesque city that offers many romantic things to do for lovers. Go out and explore this town, and remember, romantic activities don’t have to be expensive! Actually, the most romantic activities usually are free, and your partner will greatly appreciate if you offer them your time compared to showering them with gifts or money.

Which activity do you prefer to do with your partner?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!